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Related article: Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 06:40:56 -0800 (PST) From: michaelkevin pittman Subject: adventures with my daddy part5this is a work of fiction. if you are offended by gay incestuos sex between adults and minor boys, or ws, or if you are under 18, stop reading now. this story is in no way intended to condone this kind of behavior... except to say that i wish i could have been mikey...if you like this, or have comments or suggestions, write to i also use yahoo messenger and i love to chat...ADVENTURES WITH MY DADDY part5 A couple of weeks after I got to taste my daddy's and uncle Pete's piss for the first time, daddy, uncle Pete, and I went on a road trip. first we had to take the truck to Arizona to pick up the load that my daddy's friend Phil had set up for him. That was a fun trip... but one of the best things that happened was when i got to sit on my daddy's lap, (naked - of Pre Teen Lolitas course- (actually i spent most of the time when i was in the truck naked) - and my little asshole wet sloppy and really open from having four inches of my uncle Pete's tongue up my ass) driving his big ole Mack Truck. I still to this day get a twinge in my cock everytime i see a Mack Truck bulldog... Daddy's cock felt really good rubbing up against my hole and smearing precum all over my little balls. My uncle Pete used to spend hours licking daddy's precum off of various parts of my body. His favorite thing to do tho, was lie on his back on the bed in the sleeper cab and have me squat over his face, and tongue fuck me... It drove me wild everytime the truck would bounce and send his tongue even further up my little hole.. I almost slept thru my first real orgy I had fallen asleep Just before we got to Phil's place. (I never got to meet Tony he passed away a year or two after i was born) I woke up and rolled over and found a note daddy had left for me in the cab. It said that he and uncle Pete out in back of the truck lot where the truck was parked. Daddy said I could either go back to sleep, or if i was hungry to come find them... I got up, put my shorts and tee shirt (i never wore underwear- except when my old maid aunts (my dad's sisters - he called them the 3 furies - ) were around) on and went off in search of my dad and godfather. I had no trouble at all finding the building in the note. I walked in, and the first thing I saw was my uncle Pete, lying on his back and naked except for the jock strap he always wore. He was busy sucking and licking my daddy's balls. Daddy was on all fours over uncle Pete, getting fucked by his old friend Phil. The floor around them looked pretty wet. I took off my clothes and got on my kness and started lickin my uncles cock. It was already hard, and as soon as i put my mouth on it, his pent up load of tasty cum came dribbling out. (uncle Pete was never what one would call a big shooter... it just sort of dribbled out of his pee hole but there was always alot of it... and it always tasted soooo good.) Pete Pre Teen Lolitas took his mouth off of daddy's balls just long enough to say that they had company...Phil looked over his shoulder , saw me and announced he was cumming and started to groan as he pushed his cock up daddy's asshole as far as it would go. After he stopped grunting and groaning, (I was looking up at his ass from Pete's still dribbling cock... damn it looked tasty!!) he held still for a second or two and told my dad he was going to piss up his ass. Dad just kinda moaned when Phil started pissing. After Phil had stopped pissing, he pulled his cock ( - biggest cock i have ever seen- long, fat and uncut... more about that later...) out of Dad's well opened hole and stuffed it in his mouth. Uncle Pete got up, took me by the hand and we got down on our knees behind dad's well opened hole. Phil's piss and cum was leaking freely out of the hole... We took turns sucking and licking my dad's asshole and swallowing the piss and cum we found there. When we had sucked all we could get out of his hole, i started playing around with my fingers, poking around inside... everytime my little finger went in daddy would groan and push back on my hand... next thing i knew, my hand was up inside my daddy's hole and i was watching the precum practically pissing out of his dick. It didnt take long for me to find his prostate, and to figure out that when i rubbed it with my knuckles, daddy would go nuts. when he started moaning that he was gonna cum, I barely had time to turn around and lie on my back, ( no small feat when youre little like I was, and yer arm is halfway up someone's asshole) and get my mouth on his dick before he started shooting cum down my throat. Daddy groaned one more time and pulled his cock out of my mouth. Thats when i looked up and noticed that there were other people in the room besides us. Dad and Pete's friend Ben was sitting on the couch, with his cock stuffed up the ass of a kid about my age. There were 2 other Men sitting on either side of Ben on the couch. The kid, (Ben's son Eddie he later became my best friend for life) seemed to be having a good time... I couldn't believe he was having no trouble taking his fathers big cock up his little asshole. Turns out Eddie had already taken the loads of the other 2 guys up his hole, and when Ben finally came, they all three took turns sucking and licking out his hole. Theres more.... Like it?? let me know... comments and suggestions always welcome. flames ignored... but you should be aware of the mickalbear curse... the last guy who had it invoked on him lost his girlfriend to his best friend, had the house he shared with his former girl friend sold out from underneath him, and then got arrested for pissing in public after a drunken night on the town...
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